Boat Dives and Charters

Divetech offers two custom dive boats to take you diving on a daily basis. "Ten Ata" and "Atatude" run morning trips daily, and afternoon 1 and 2-tank trips many days.   The boats are also available for private charter for family groups or special occasions. Dive charters are run for both recreational and technical scuba divers, free diving or commercial work. The dive boats are 1/2 shade and 1/2 sun, with camera tables, camera rinse buckets and mask rinse buckets on board, 2 Instructors to guide your dives - or you can dive in a buddy team on your own if you so desire. Towels, fresh ice water and fruit are provided.


Recreational boat trips allow divers to dive Air or Nitrox and our boat trips are 100% computer diving, allowing 2 1-hour profiles for lots of bottom time. Divetech allows divers to dive to the capabilities of their training, comfort level and skills. Our custom built dive boats accommodate up to 12 recreational divers on Ten Ata and 16 on Atatude with plenty of space left over for cameras, dive bags, & relaxation. Our trips are generally to the North wall and Northwest point where sheer walls, and hundreds of dive sites await you. Several days a week the second dive is at world famous Stingray City! Complimentary rentals of a dive computers is provided as needed.


Several afternoons a week we run a trip to World Famous Stingray City. This is a fantastic 12 foot dive, and snorklers are welcome to come along too. We entice the Southern Stingrays with a small amount of squid which is handled only by your guides and just watch the fun. The shallow fringing reefs are located just a few minutes from where we moore - so visiting beautiful breaking reefs is an option too! Trips depart at 1:30pm and return about 4:pm. Children are welcome also as are snorklers.


For the family group or a bunch or friends or the more discerning divers wanting personalized service Divetech offers Private Charters on Atatude and Tenata. Equipped with 2 Instructors to guide and assist you, all the tanks that you need, fresh fruit for your surface intervals, clean towels to dry off with and your choice of dive sites (weather dependant of course :) you will have your own private charter for a 1/2 day or a full day of diving. Divetech will also cater lunch, provide coolers of refreshments, birthday cakes of or any other special needs that you might have. We are at your service!


Technical dive charters for Advanced Nitrox, Technical Nitrox/Extended Range and Trimix divers run daily for certified technical divers. Join us at Divetech to dive the wall as unseen before in Cayman. Ten Ata is a custom built 34' v-hull and is a fully equipped dive charter boat, complete with all of the extras for Technical divers.

Ten Ata hosts an 8-diver decompression station emergency decompression gases staged from the boat, oversized bench racks for twins and decompression side mounts, and an ample supply of O2 on board, in addition to all of the other standard safety features normally found. CCR divers and Open Circuit divers alike are welcomed. Run times are 2 1/2 to 3 hour profiles.

Your crew are technical divers/instructors, and there are a host of exciting dive sites to explore with you. Typical dives take place on the North wall and Northwest Point of the island, and South at the ship wreck of the Carrie Lee. The Sponge Belt, with sites such as Nancy's Chute, Dan's Donut, Funky Town and Elephant Ear abound at depths ranging from 200- 330fsw/60-100msw The wall offers a host of exciting dives that have chutes, swim through's, holes, donuts and more.

Sponges nestled in the overhangs grow to enormous sizes and range in shades of pastels and translucent colors. Trimix divers are invited to visit this pristine world in the clear, warm Caribbean waters in Cayman.


The Carrie Lee wreck sits in 165-260fsw/50-80msw off the southern end of Grand Cayman. Commissioned (Grand Turk) as a freighter to carry goods between Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman, she made weekly runs of container loads between the islands carrying supplies. Heading for Cayman Brac from Grand Cayman in 1985, the Carrie Lee met with misfortune and capsized approximately 10 miles east of Grand Cayman. With a full container load on her top deck and being void below, she lost stability, capsized and drifted back south of Grand Cayman. Tow attempts were made for 2 weeks to salvage and right her, but eventually she sunk in 100fsw/30msw. The Carrie Lee has twice slid down the sloping top of the wall, resting today right on the edge of the drop-off, with her bow tipping over the edge of the abyss. From the top of the wheelhouse at 165fsw/50msw, she slopes down with her bow out over the wall. The bottom of the bow sits in 260fsw/79msw, with the majority of her deck in the 200fsw/60msw to 170fsw/52msw range. A great site for Trimix divers, a trip over the wall coming up to see the Carrie Lee waiting can be accomplished. Today, the Carrie Lee is abundant with an overgrowth of encrusting and tube sponges and corals. A large variety of marine life has made their home here.